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About Julina Halim

<b>About Julina Halim</b>

About Julina Halim

Julina started her career as a Community Education Nutritionist at the Ministry of Health Singapore; she moved on to occupational health and safety before working as a consultant to employee wellness to many multinational corporations, and later, Director of Wellness, Asia Pacific, at American Express. 

She is also a Pilates Instructor specializing in women's health (stress, pain, posture, prenatal fitness, postnatal recovery, diastasis recti and its impact on long-term health, menopause fitness, etc.). Together with The Center for Women’s Fitness, she co-created The Gentle Birth Project, which included exercises and self-care regimes for pre/postnatal mummies. Under the program, Juline wrote an e-book that discusses how traditional confinement care and diet can help new mums today. 

Why does Julina do what she does? Because she believes in "living fearlessly," it is vital to perform at the peak and excel in what one wants to do, at work and home alike. To do that, one needs the body to be ready & able at any stage in life. 

Since her days of being a chubby teenager trying to lose weight, Julina has come a long way to teaching healthy eating and living well at any age. In Singapore, she is often seen in Singapore media and TV shows such Body S.O.S, Lady First Singapore, What’s in the Fridge. Internationally, she spoke at wellness conferences, and she now teaches regularly at wellness retreats mentoring young women. 

Julina holds a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition from Glasgow University UK and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Fu Jen University in Taiwan. She has also studied with WellcoachesⓇ, Stott Pilates, and The Center for Women’s Fitness. She is also a faculty member at The Center.


More about Julina Halim on LinkedIn.