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My Top 3 Tips to Prepare for Holiday Eating

My Top 3 Tips to Prepare for Holiday Eating

My Top 3 Tips to Prepare for Holiday Eating

You know the holidays are near when you start seeing chocolate in Christmas boxes and hearing "Jingles Bells" everywhere you go.

For many, it also means the festive eating season is coming. Apart from gatherings and parties, gifting and sending each other holiday goodies have become a norm for those of us who can't physically be with our loved ones.

While the holidays may be a time for a break from your work routines, however, your body does not know the difference between the holiday season and "normal days."   It has the exact nutritional needs and the same risks as any other day.

This time of the year has the potential to throw you off track. But with some preparation, you will be able to sail through it with ease!

1) Stick to your wellness schedule before the holidays

Rest well, eat right, stay active and enjoy pursuing your goals and dreams.  Having a routine and a wellness plan will help keep you nourished, motivated, and energized.

Practice stress management and sleep adequately. Stress and burnout will make it extra challenging for you to stay motivated. This way, you don't enter the holidays feeling deprived and need to "let go".

2) Know your party schedules and focus on the days in between

Put your gatherings into your planner and ensure you have "rest time" in between. Nobody wants to be on a diet during a party; after all, the holiday comes only once a year. You can fit your parties into your well-being routine.

Return to your physical activities and healthy eating in between the parties. Eating and not moving will make you feel sluggish and less motivated. Consider lighter meals on non-party days that comprise good fat, lean protein, vegetables, and fruits.

3) Drink plenty of water

Alcohol, sugary foods, and heavier meals may up your water needs during the holidays. Late nights and irregular hours will challenge the body's balance even more. If you experience dry mouth, chapped lips, and headaches, the chances are that you are dehydrated.

Do make sure you water up throughout the season. Have an extra glass of water for every glass of alcohol you take, and always carry a bottle of water with you. Drinking a full glass of water before entering a party will also help prevent overeating. Staying well hydrated will help to detox, sharpen your brain, support bodily functions, and it's good for your skin too.

Here's a bonus tip: don't shoot yourself for overeating at times. 

It is the holiday season, and things tend to be a little "off" sometimes. It's okay. Give yourself a few days to recover from the food coma and get back to your well-being routine. While days and weeks of indulging freely would tip you off the scale, a couple of meals wouldn't.  Do not guilt trip yourself into a downward spiral.

The festive season is meant to be joyous and loving, and that includes self-love, too. Be kind to yourself while you work on spending time with your loved ones. Prepare for days ahead and enjoy the holidays!