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About us

For many years, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter were the four recognized basic taste groups. Umami, or the "fifth taste," is a relatively recent discovery. It was found that slow cooking, and fermentation naturally frees the umami which literally means “essence of deliciousness” from the food. All chefs aspire to create this pleasant savoury taste in their cooking.


Re-engineering the gourmet meal experience

In our relentless quest to reimagine gourmet, UMAMI Chefs was born out of our desire to provide convenient gourmet meals tailored for busy lifestyles. Another innovative venture by Esseplore, a tech-driven food company on a mission to re-engineer the gourmet meal experience through home-cooked food, UMAMI Chefs follows a similar philosophy to create an elevated dining experience with the convenience of a ready-to-heat format.


Nutrition balanced and freshness captured

All UMAMI Chefs meals are expertly crafted by our chefs, working with nutritionists to bring you the best gourmet offerings that are nutritionally balanced and good for you. We do not add any preservatives or additives and instead rely on nature’s way of preserving; by blast freezing the meals immediately after preparation to capture the freshness and wonderful taste of our fine ingredients.


Tailored gourmet plans

Meal kits are a dime a dozen, but none combines gourmet quality food with a tailored gourmet plan based on your specific dietary needs. With UMAMI Chefs, you choose what's best for you! We are chef-driven and chef-designed with a simple goal - to create a convenient and healthy culinary experience for you with the nutritional benefits and hearty goodness of home-cooking.