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Esseplore Loyalty and Rewards Programme

Earn Reward Points 

Welcome to Esseplore Loyalty & Rewards Program, designed to give extra savings to our loyal customers. Every purchase you make (UMAMI Chefs, SmokeHse and Feastbox) will earn points. You can use your points to get a discount on your next purchase across all brands and products. 

How It Works   

You gain 5 points for every dollar spent. An email notification will be sent for each order so that you can keep track. 

Redeem your points on your account and apply the discount during checkout 

Minimum redemption: $1 for 100 points. 

Maximum redemption: $50 for 5000 points. 

Redemption is only permitted in multiples of 100 (e.g if you have 150 points, you may only redeem 100 points. You may accumulate another 50 points to make another redemption)  

As a guide, please check the table below:

 Points Rewards
100 $1
500 $5
1000 $10
2000 $20
5000 $50


More Ways To Earn Points  

  1. 200 points on your birthday 
  1. 50 points when you like us on Facebook 
  1. 50 points when you share us on Facebook 

Share The Food Joy With Friends  

Food brings people together. Share the love of tasty, healthy food with friends today with our referral program. You get 500 points for each referral when they successfully placed an order. Your friend will also enjoy a 10% discount and start earning points too. 

Expiry Dates

Your points do not expire

Terms & Conditions

1. Applying for Esseplore Loyalty Points and Rewards Program is free and without minimum spending.   

2. Esseplore may reserve the right to request members to provide personal information solely for verification purposes so that members may continue to receive promotional offers and discounts. 

Points and Redemptions 
1. Loyalty Points cannot be exchanged for cash, non-transferrable and cannot be combined with other promotions.

2. Loyalty points are carried forward without expiration. 

3. Esseplore shall not accept any claim of missing loyalty points after a transaction is made.

4. Esseplore reserves the right to, at its sole and absolute discretion, vary, modify and amend any of these Terms and Conditions and/or to suspend, discontinue or terminate the program at any time without prior notification, or liability to any party.