What is UMAMI Chefs? 

UMAMI Chefs by Esseplore is a diverse and healthy range of ready-to-heat meals that seamlessly integrate modern and traditional aspects of cuisines. Crafted by our expert chefs in collaboration with professional nutritionists, we provide healthy, sustainable and convenient high-quality gourmet meals. 


How are your meals healthier? 

In crafting these healthy gourmet meals, our focus is preventive care through convenient and affordable high-quality food. We utilise healthier ingredients such as low sodium salt and are transparent with the ingredients we use and the nutritional value of our food, making sure you only get the best.   


Is your food Halal? 

Our food complies with all Halal standards. Our Halal certificate application is in process. Stay tuned to our social media for more updates on the status of our certification.  


How do I heat UMAMI Chefs dishes? 

We have three easy ways to cook your meal: Soft Boiling/Sous Vide, Trouble-free Microwave and Chef It Up. To know more, visit our How To page. 


How are my meals packaged and delivered? 

Our meals are packaged in FDA approved food grade vacuum-sealed bags that are BPA-safe, boil-safe, microwave and freezer friendly. Your meals will be delivered in eco-friendly packaging and accessories that you can return. Alternatively, we also provide Store Pickup.


What if I have food allergies? 

We are transparent with the ingredients used in each meal. Read the meal description carefully. If you are allergic to any ingredient in our meal, we have many other diverse options for you to choose from.  



When will my order be delivered? 

Our guaranteed delivery slots are Tuesday and Saturday.  Choose your preferred delivery date and time before check out, and make sure you are available to collect your delivery. Our in-store pickup option is available Monday through Saturday. 


Do I have to pay a shipping fee? 

Yes, we charge shipping fees on all orders. However, we follow a tier-based pricing system. So, the more you order, the less you have to pay! Find out more on Delivery & Shipping. 


Can I cancel my order? 

We do not allow cancellations once an order has been placed. If you'd like to know more about returns and refunds, visit Refund Policy. 

I got the wrong order. What should I do? 

If you have received an incorrect order or items are missing or damaged, please reach out to the Esseplore Customer Service team at wecare@esseplore.com within 24 hours. Our team will respond to you shortly and look for a way to resolve the issue. 


    Can I pay Cash on Delivery? 

    Unfortunately, we don't have Cash on Delivery as an available option. We prefer all payments be made online using credit or debit cards, bank transfers, or UPI payment.