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How Does Blast Freezing Work?


Blast freezers operate by blowing forced cold air over food placed inside.

This rapid cooling process decreases the amount of ice crystals that appear on food. When defrosting food, large ice crystals melt and cause excess moisture to release, which largely impacts the taste and quality of your food products.

The goal of a blast chiller is to chill foods at a rapid rate. They can typically bring the temperature of foods down from 70 degrees to minus 18 degrees Celsius in less than 240 minutes.


Sous-vide bag


Blast Freezing Benefits

Blast freezing lengthens the shelf life of food. Food blast frozen can be thawed and served at almost the same quality as fresh food. Below are some of the key benefits of blast freezing.

  • Nutrients are retained
  • Maintains quality of food products
  • Increases the shelf life of prepared foods
  • Prevents bacteria from growing rapidly