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How To

No-Fuss Cooking in 3 Easy Ways! 

Do you think cooking is time-consuming? Our food-safe packaging only adds to your convenience. Sous-vide it (simmer), microwave it straight out of the freezer, or let your inner culinary genius shine by 'chef-ing' it up.

Cooking can be gourmet, healthy, and easy, only with UMAMI Chefs!


Method 1: Trouble-free Microwaving 

  • Take the frozen vacuum bag directly from the freezer and cut a small opening.  
  • Place in microwave and heat according to the cooking instructions provided in your meal plan. 
  • Remove from microwave. 
  • Plate and dig in! 



Method 2: Simple Sous Vide (Simmer)  

  • Add water in a pot and bring it to a gentle simmer (70-80 degrees Celsius).
  • Immerse the bag in the water, follow the attached cooking instructions and set your timer.
  • Plate and dig in! 



    Method 3: Thaw and chef it up! 

    It's time to let your culinary talents shine. Cook it your way! Mix flavours and pastes or experiment with seasonings. Roast, steam, or bake it. Get creative with plating - anything goes when you are the Chef!